Comedy meets Country

As fate would have it, New Zealand Comedian Colin Parris - (Comedy) met (Country) American JamesRAy and the rest is history as they say!

The truly internationally flavored show - Comedy meets Country - was born from the minds of these two individual talents over a few dozen pots of coffee and several trips to the toilet…individually of course! The comedic impressions of Colin (including: Steptoe, Sam Hunt, Dame Edna, Billy Connolly, Helen Clarke and many many more) with the pure and authentic country styling of JamesRAy (performing the classics of yesteryear to the contemporary hits of today) make for an exciting, toe-tapping, laughter-filled night of entertainment. With your funny bone tickled by Colin and your heartstrings tugged by JamesRAy you will surely come away from the show having enjoyed an elating outing of when Comedy meets Country. Previous shows have been targeted to 30+ aged audiences and divided into approximately two 45-60 minutes halves which included some of the following highlights:
Comedy: Singing impressions of Tina Turner, Mick Jagger & Rod Stewart...
Stand up comedy and gags
JamesRAy - USA. Country music: Tribute to Tradition & the Grand Ole Opry
Award winning originals

Colin Parris -New Zealand
Comedian/Impersonator Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer
Comedy Award Winner International Multi-Award Winner

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For more information or inquiries:
Colin Parris: 027 676 1990 email
JamesRAy: 021 169 3609