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From the Wanganui Chronicle
To whom it may concern
On Saturday 20th December this Club had the pleasure of presenting ‘Comedy meets Country’, an act consisting of Colin Parris, impersonator and James Ray, country music singer. Well prior to the performance Colin Parris provided this Club with posters and the performance was therefore able to be well advertised. Attendance was excellent with attendees paying $10 per ticket.
I attended the performance and our entertainers were well set up with lights, back screens and sound system.
The performance was slick, highly entertaining and of excellent quality, changing from country music to comedy and back again.
Individually the entertainers were both very talented.
James Ray is an excellent country and western singer and guitarist presenting his own compositions as well as renditions of other well known country and western artists.
Colin Parris is extremely gifted, exactly capturing the voices of those he was impersonating with well scripted comedy. To close one’s eyes was to have all those famous people right there with you, for example the Queen, Prince Charles, Helen Clarke and so on. Visually, Colin’s wigs and other facial accoutrements, donned in seconds on stage gave close resemblances to the voices being impersonated.
Excellent value for money with our members thoroughly enjoying the performance.
Comedy meets Country will return to this Club in 2009.

Paul Trevithick
Takapuna RSA & Social Club Inc